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Thesis / Dissertation Anncouncements

Spring and Fall 2019

June 14

"Characterization of Microspore Embryogenesis in Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill]"

Mr. Bretton Hale
Molecular Biosciences
Arkansas State University

10:00 AM, ABI 107

May 14

"Egg Color in Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis):  A Test of the Hypotheses"

Ms. Annabelle McKie-Voerste
Environmental Sciences
Arkansas State University

1:00 PM, ABI 107

April 10

"Inducing Infectivity to Temperate Bacteriophage and Exploiting Bacterial Viral Defense Mechanism to Treat Multidrug Resistance Neisseria Gonorrhoea"

Mr. Nirman Nepal
Molecular Biosciences Candidacy Exam
Arkansas State University

3:00 p.m., ABI 320

March 15

"Assessing the Contribution of Multiple Ascorbate Pathways to Abiotic Stress Tolerance Using Phenomic Approaches"

Ms. Lucia Acosta-Gamboa
Molecular Biosciences Ph.D. Dissertation Defense
Arkansas State University

Mentored by: Dr. Argelia Lorence

10:00 a.m., ABI 107

March 13

"Floristics in Arkansas:  Surveying and Quantifying Management Impact of Rare Ecosystems, Launching Floristic Quality Assessment, and Predicting Rare Plant Distribution"

Ms. Diana Soteropoulos
Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Proposal Defense
Arkansas State University

Mentored by:  Dr. Travis Marsico

8:00 a.m., Lib 337

March 13

"Assessing the Potential Role of Seabird Harvest and Invasive Predators on Grenadine Seabird Nesting Performance"

Mr. Wayne Smart
Environmental Sciences MS Thesis Defense
Arkansas State University

Mentored by:  Dr. Virginie Rolland

10:00 a.m., ABI 107