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The frequency of course offering is indicated following each course description. If not otherwise indicated, the course will be scheduled for each enrollment period. The university reserves the right to change course scheduling when circumstances dictate such changes.

MBS 6001 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship for Scientists
Entrepreneurship from discovery through protected intellectual property. Information about the fundamental processes required to protect new inventions. Including definitions of intellectual property, necessary record keeping, disclosure options for protecting IP and patent application process.

MBS 6213 Advanced Cell Biology
Study of recent advances in cell biology through critical analysis of current literature. Focusing on eukaryotic cell structure and function, topics may include, but not be restricted to, cellular structures and organelles; cell cycling; signal transduction; gene regulation; and intracellular trafficking Prerequisites: A course in cell biology or permission of professor

MBS 6233 Specialized Biochemistry
An advanced study of biochemical pathways leading to specialized biologically active metabolites. Emphasis will be on the specialized pathways in plants and their counterparts in animals, and microorganisms. Prerequisites: CHEM 4243 or permission of instructor.

MBS 6243 Molecular Genetics and Genomics
An advanced treatment of genetics in microbial, animal, and plant systems, focused on the biochemical and molecular aspects of genetics structure and function. Information derived from current and recent genomic analyses and genomic comparisons will be included. Prerequisite: CHEM 4243 or permission of instructor.

MBS 6251 Techniques in Molecular Biosciences
Training in major technical and analytical skills required for contemporary molecular biosciences research. Topics, identified by subtitles, will vary by semester. May be repeated up to 12 credit hours with unduplicated subtitles.

MBS 7111 Seminar in Molecular Biosciences
Reports on and discussions of current topics in Molecular Biosciences, and other science topics. Presentations and discussion by faculty and students. May be repeated. Prerequisites: Admission to the MBS Ph.D. program or permission of professor.

MBS 712V (1-3 hours) Topics in Molecular Biosciences
In-Depth study of specific areas related to Molecular Biosciences. Multidisciplinary involving extensive discussion and critical analysis of current literature. May be repeated as topic varies. Prerequisite: two MBS core classes or permission of instructor.

MBS 7151 Responsible Conduct in Research
A one credit hour course providing training on ethical behavior in sciences.

MBS 713V (1-9 hours) Independent Study in Molecular Biosciences
Independent investigation of a particular topic or technique, directed by faculty that culminates in the development of or training in new techniques or publishable discoveries. May be repeated as topic varies. Prerequisites: Open to all graduate students with consent of instructor.

MBS 7251 Mentored Teaching
Structured instruction and practice of concepts and strategies of college teaching for doctoral students in Molecular Biosciences. With this preparation, and sufficient topical background, Students will be prepared to teach ASU 1000 level general education lecture sections in the natural and life sciences.

MBS 889V (1-12 hours) Dissertation