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Interdisciplinary Project

  Doing Disability

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Arkansas State University is sponsoring its second yearlong, interdisciplinary research program for the university and the wider community. “Doing Disability,“ this year’s project, seeks to bring faculty members, students, community members, activists, and artists into conversation about “disability” in sociocultural, rather than medicalized, terms. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to disability scholarship, activism, and art, the “Doing Disability” project invites participants to examine disability broadly, through the lenses of history, public policy, literature, cultural studies, gender studies, communications, media studies, architecture, ethics, economics, the arts, and more. We also welcome scholars and practitioners in the traditional “disability” fields (e.g., rehabilitation, special education, medicine, ADA compliance, etc.) who wish to think innovatively about disability in its social, historical, and cultural contexts.

The “Doing Disability” project’s two programs will work in tandem:  

First, we will sponsor a research seminar to provide faculty members and others engaged in disability-related scholarship or creative activity with a forum where they can present their work to colleagues across the disciplines. The seminar will meet twice a month, with one presentation per meeting.  ORTT has generously agreed to fund ten ASU faculty members to participate in this seminar @ $500/each for the year.  Anyone  interested in participating in the “Doing Disability” research seminar should send a one page proposal that describes their interest in the seminar, and a 2-page CV, to Dean Lauri Umansky (lumansky@astate.edu) by August 15, 2013.

Second, we will sponsor a lecture/performance/film series that will bring nationally –or internationally- prominent disability scholars, activists, and artists to the university.  The seminar meetings and lectures will be scheduled so that visiting lecturers/performers will attend and participate in the seminar, allowing participants in the seminar to present their work to and get feedback from major Disability Studies figures from outside the university. 

We would very much appreciate contributions from participating colleges and other organizations to help defray the costs of the lecture and performance series.


Lecture: "Attitude: The Window through which you MUST see the World " A Talk about Disability, Faith, and Vision.

By Dr. Grover Evans, Ph. D

Monday October 21, 7:00 PM (Wilson Hall Auditorium)

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