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Career Outlook

The ability to communicate in more than one language opens a wide range of career prospects in many areas of government
service, business, and education, health professions, and industry.

In most career branches, multilingual skills provide a job applicant with increased employment opportunitiesmore opportunities to travel, and higher salary.

Being multilingual is relevant for every career

As our country becomes increasingly more diverse, people who are multilingual have an distinct advantage in the job market. Career fields that openly seek multilingual candidates include:

Teaching (K-12, College, or abroad)
ESL Program Coordinators
Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists
Public Relations Specialists
Police Officers, CIA Agents
Business Managers
Trade Specialists
Tax Consultants

These careers have excellent outlooks over the next 10 years. Most of these degree programs can be paired with a language major or minor. Combine that with study abroad opportunities and international internships and you will greatly increase your marketability compared to other job candidates.

Articles on the Importance of Languages in the Job Market

To request an appointment with a languages advisor, email the languages department at languages@astate.edu

Double Major

Use your elective hours to earn a second degree in languages. Most double majors allow you to meet both degree requirements in 8 semesters. For more information, contact a languages advisor.

Add a Minor in International Studies

A minor in International Studies only requires 18 credit hours.  Students can also minor in French, German, or Spanish.  For more information, contact an advisor.

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