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Admission/Academic Credit/Graduation Appeals Committee:

Anne McGee, World Languages (2014-2017)

Amy Buzby, Political Science (2015-2018)

Cherisse Jones-Branch, History (2015-2018)

Cloyis Daughhette, Criminology, Sociology & Geography (2011-2014),

(Chair of Undergraduate, Graduate and Academic Appeals Committee)

Jason Barrett-Fox, English & Philosophy (2011-2014), (Chair for Admission Appeals)


Student Members:

Andrew Smith, English & Philosophy (UG)

Kimberly Brown, Political Science (UG)

Sarah Vangilder, History (UG)


Assessment Committee:

History—Cherisse  Jones-Branch (chair), Gary Edwards, Kellie Buford

CSG—Gretchen Hill (chair), Bill Stroud, Leslie McCallister, Sarah Kendig

E&P—Mike Spikes (chair),  Eric Cave, Cathey Calloway, Rob Lamm, Kate Krueger, Kristi Costello

Languages—Yvonne Unnold (chair), Ruth Owens, Anne McGee, Warren Johnson

Pol Sci—David Harding (chair), David Levenbach, Catherine Reese


College Hearing Committee/Hearing Committee Pool (for Student Grievances)

3 faculty per department, 2 of 3 should be members of grad faculty

Tom Ratliff, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography (G)

Matthew Costello, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography (UG)

Mary Donaghy, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography (G)

Win Bridges, English and Philosophy (UG)

Richard Burns, English and Philosophy (G)

Janelle Collins (G)

Gary Edwards, History (G)

Bill Maynard, History (G)

Phyllis Pobst, History (G)

Vicent Moreno, World Languages and Cultures (G)

Warren Johnson, World Languages and Cultures (G)

Anne McGee, World Languages and Cultures (UG)

Amy Buzby, Political Science (G)

Hans Hacker, Political Science (G)

Jacob Ausderan, Political Science (G)


Student members (1 grad and 1 undergrad from each dept as relevant):

Lonell Macon, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography (G)

Javon Long, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography (UG)

Jordan Campbell, English and Philosophy (UG)

Jonathon David Beck, English and Philosophy (G)

Jennifer Hardin, Heritage Studies (G)

Clair Elizabeth Green, History (G)

Bianca Garcia, History (UG)

Celeste Wright, World Languages and Cultures (UG)

Kimberley Brown, Political Science (UG)

Vontia Mitchell, Political Science (G)


Curriculum Committee

Veena Kulkarni, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography

Steven Weimer, English and Philosophy (2015-2018)

Gary Edwards, History

Warren Johnson, World Languages and Cultures (2014-2017), Chair

David Levenbach, Political Science (2015-2018)


Student members:

Charolette Baker, English

Bryant Moy, Political Science

Wenderson Jangada, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography


Dean’s Student Advisory Committee:

Deborah Chappel Traylor, Associate Dean, Chair

Criminology, Sociology & Geography:

Lauren Grantham (G)


English & Philosophy:

Justin Cook (G)

Tianna Baker (UG)


Kayla Jefferson (UG)

Michael Colton Adkisson (G)

Heritage Studies:

Julianna Lindsay (G)

World Languages and Cultures:

Sarah Seibert (UG)

Political Science:

Katherine James (UG)

Vontia Mitchell (G)


Faculty Achievement Awards Committee

Mary Donaghy, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography

Greg Hansen, English and Philosophy

Cherisse Jones-Branch, History

Ruth Owens, World Languages and Cultures, Chair

Rollin Tusalem, Political Science


Honors Advisory Committee

Bill Stroud, Criminology, Sociology & Geography

Deborah Chappel Traylor, English & Philosophy

Erik Gilbert, History

Ruth Owens, World Languages & Cultures, Chair

Barbara Warner, Political Science


Promotion, Retention, and Tenure Committee:

Bill Stroud, Criminology, Sociology and Geography, (2008-2017)

Jerry Ball, English & Philosophy, (2009-2012)

Phyllis Pobst, History, (2015-2018)

Ruth Owens, World Languages and Cultures, (2012-2015)

David Harding, Political Science, (2012-2015)


Scholarship Committee

Deborah Chappel Traylor, Associate Dean, ex officio

Jerry Ball, English & Philosophy

Justin Castro, History, Chair

Enrique Bernales, World Languages and Cultures

Richard Wang, Political Science

Bill Stroud, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography

NEH Selection Committee

Deborah Chappel Traylor, Associate Dean, Chair

William Allen

Ernesto Lombeida, World Languages and Cultures

Clyde Milner, Heritage Studies

Hans Hacker, Political Science

University-Wide Committees: 

Faculty Senators:

Gretchen Hill, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography

Cherisse Jones-Branch, History

Win Bridges, English and Philosophy

Warren Johnson, World Languages and Cultures

Hans Hacker, Political Science


Graduate Council Representatives:

Will McLean, Political Science (2014-2015)

Deborah Chappel-Traylor, English and Philosophy (2014-2016)


Institutional Review Committee:

Doris Chu, Criminology, Sociology, and Geography

Eric Cave, English and Philosophy


Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Committee

Win Bridges, English and Philosophy (2013-2014)


Undergraduate Graduation and Academic Appeals Committee

Amy Buzby, Political Science (2015-2017)


University Faculty Research Committee:

Phyllis Pobst, History (appointed by the Faculty Senate)


University Curriculum Committee Representative:

Warren Johnson, World Language and Cultures (2014-2015)


University Enrollment and Academic Policy Committee:

Kristi Costello, English & Philosophy (2015-2018)


University Promotion, Retention, and Tenure Committee Representative:

David R. Harding, Political Science (2014-2015)


HSS members of University General Education Committee:

Gary Edwards, History (2015-2016)

Jerry Ball, English & Philosophy (2014-2017)

David Levenbach, Political Science (Chair), (2014-2015)


Faculty Achievement Awards Committee

Ruth Owens, World Languages & Cultures (2015-2016)


Honors Council

Ruth Owens, World Languages & Cultures (2015-2016)


Who’s Who Selection Committee

Vontia Mitchell


World Languages & Cultures Library Liaisons:

Warren Johnson

Vicent Moreno