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Communication Studies

Master of Arts (M.A.)
Offered By: College of Media & Communication
Graduate School
Application Deadline: July 1 for Fall Admission, November 15 for Spring Admission


The primary focus of the Master of Arts in Communication Studies program is to provide the fundamentals of communication theories and enable students to acquire the ability to understand and use basic methods of communication research.  The curriculum focuses on personal relationships, the small group, our society, dynamics of interpersonal communication, persuasion, health communication, intercultural communication, organizational authority and efficiency, the impact of social movements, the history of rhetoric, and family communications.

  • Admission Process

    In addition to meeting the requirements of the Graduate School, applicants seeking admission to the Master of Arts degree program in Communication Studies must submit a writing sample consisting of a recent term paper or research paper.

  • Additional Information

    Students in Communication Studies work closely with the debate team, the speech lab and the community outreach program. They sometimes serve as assistant coaches while traveling with and supervising the team. They use the degree to prepare for debate coaching positions of their own, further graduate study or enhancement of their professional careers.