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Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Offered By: College of Engineering


Welcome to the General Engineering program webpage. We are pleased that you are interested in our engineering programs in the College of Engineering and hope that you find the information you need.

Professor Ricky Clifft, Director; Professors, R. Engelken, T. Parsons; Associate Professors B. Edgar, A. Elsayed, P. Mixon, P. Sherman; Assistant Professors S. Haran, Y. Hwang, K. Jeong, B. Kemp, S. Kher, I. Seok; Instructors J. Stewart, L. Walker

The engineering profession is concerned with the innovative, effective, and economic synthesis of ideas, materials, and personnel to create the products, systems, and services needed by society. The knowledge and skills that comprise modern engineering must be developed upon strong foundations of mathematics, the physical sciences, and applied engineering sciences. Because responsible engineering must contribute to the overall goals and values of our society, engineers must develop a basic knowledge and appreciation of mankind's cultural and social history as well as ethical issues. Engineering must reflect an ever growing body of knowledge that includes state-of-the-art professional practice, understanding, and values which require a lifetime of continuing education. Therefore, the education needed to enter and practice the engineering profession is comprehensive and demanding regardless of the chosen engineering field.

The Engineering program is structured to give all students a working knowledge of the engineering sciences and a progressive level of understanding and participation in the overall design process. The Engineering Program offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree with professional concentration areas in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering; or an individually planned program that may combine or cut across traditional fields of engineering and applied sciences.

The BSE degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

For further information, please contact the Dean's Office at (870) 972-2088 and setup a campus visit, or send an email to Dr. R. C. Clifft at rclifft@astate.edu.