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Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Offered By: College of Engineering


On behalf of the Mechanical Engineering faculty, I would like to welcome you to the Arkansas State University College of Engineering website. It is my privilege to share with you the opportunities that the Mechanical Engineering program offers and the broad spectrum of challenges that mechanical engineers enjoy.

Traditionally, mechanical engineers have been involved in fields as diverse as aeronautics, biomechanics, environmental science, manufacturing, power generation, and robotics to name just a few. However, as national and global needs change, engineers are being asked to apply their problem solving skills to address medical, business, and policy issues that confront our society.

The ASU mechanical engineering program includes a strong general education component, traditional engineering science courses, exposure to manufacturing processes and automation, and multi-course sequences to provide proficiency in Thermal and Mechanical system design. We provide our students with a broad and well-rounded educational foundation and stress the necessity to engage in lifelong educational efforts to cope with the ever-changing landscape of science and technology. In addition, students have the opportunity to conduct research and to take courses in other disciplines such as business, mathematics, agriculture, and biological or physical sciences based on their individual career goals.

If you are a potential student, let me encourage you to set up a campus visit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: Dr. Brad Edgar - bedgar@astate.edu, tel.: (870) 972-2088