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Counselor Education Annual Review

Annual Review:

In addition to the academic standards for continuing enrollment, all students admitted to a counseling program, and actively enrolled in counseling courses, are subject to review by the Counselor Education Program Committee. This annual review will be conducted early in the Spring Semester. At this review, the Committee will assess each student's personal and interpersonal qualities deemed essential for counseling. The Committee also will assess overall quality of academic performance, and any student having earned a grade of "C" in any course will come under close scrutiny. Outcomes at each review are as follows:

  • approval for unrestricted continuation in the program,
  • approval for continuation in the program with specified contingencies, 
  • suspension from the program with specified contingencies for re-admission,
  • or, removal from the program.

Students will be notified as early as possible regarding the outcome of this review by their academic advisor.