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Assistant Professor of Sports Management


  • BSSM, University of Florida
  • MEd in Sport and Recreation Administration, Temple University
  • PhD (Expected December 2013), The University of Texas at Austin

Teaching Specialties

  • Sport Sociology
  • Management and Marketing of Sport Organizations
  • Sport Finance 

Research Interests

  • African-American female sport participation
  • participant-centered sport programs
  • church-based sport programs
  • sport for development
  • sport participation in Nigeria
  • hegemonic practices in sport


Selected Presentations:

Olushola, J. (Oral Presentation). Who's Got the Power?: Examining the Differences and Similarities between Sport Participants and Sport Administrators in the Expected and Obtained Benefits of Sport Participation. 2013 North American Society of Sport Management Annual Conference. (Austin, TX)

Olushola, J. (Poster). When and Where They Enter: Employing Shaw and Frisby(2006)'s Fourth Frame in Researching African-American Women’s Sporting Experiences. 2013 North American Society of Sport Management Annual Conference. (Austin, TX)

Olushola, J.(Oral Presentation).The Power of Two: Examining the Socio-ecological Factors that Shape the Dyad Between African-American Student -Athletes and Mentors. North American Society for the Sociology of Sport. (November, 2012, New Orleans, LA)

Olushola, J. (Oral Presentation). When and Where They Enter:  A Critical Historical Examination of African- American Women in Sport Management Literature. 40th Annual Convention of the North American Society for Sport History. (June 2012, Berkeley, CA)

Olushola, J. (Oral Presentation). Beyond Xs and Os: Administrator Roles in the Creation and Maintenance of Interscholastic Sport Programs for African-American Girls. 2012 North American Society for Sport Management Annual Conference. (May 2012, Seattle, WA)

Olushola, J., Jones, F., Green, B.C., & Jones, P.(2010, Poster).Sport Participation, Mentoring, and Life Skills:  Examining the Long-Term Effects on the Well-being of African-American Women. 2010 North American Society of Sport Management Annual Conference. (June 2010, Tampa, FL)


Selected Publications:

Wang, C., Li, L., Olushola, J., Chung, K., Ogura, T, and Heere, B.(2013). Fostering Social Capital Through Sport Participation: A Multi-National Inquiry. International Journal for Sport Management and Marketing.

Olushola, J., Jones, D. F., Dixon, M.A., and Green, B.C. (2012). More than Basketball: Determining the long term benefits of sport participation for African-American girls. Sport Management Review.

Olushola, J. (2011). Hope 4 Girls Africa: A future through sport and classroom. Sport and Strategie, 5.

Joyce Olushola

Contact Information

P: (870) 680-4842


Building: HPESS Complex
Room: 233