Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Upcoming Events:

October 4th and 5th- Yard Sale to raise funds for Christmas project

October 26th- Alzheimer’s Walk at ASU

 We are asking for a 10.00 donation whether individuals can participate in the walk or not. Please go to jonesborowalk.com and click on “Join a team”. Type in "ASU Social Work Department” and you can contribute $10.00 there. Many thanks for your support!

MSW Student Organization that encourages its members to become active in the Jonesboro community and surrounding areas. Students that are enrolled in the Masters in Social Work program may join the club for 10.00 per semester.

The 2013-2014 officers are :    


                 President- Ashley Reed

                 Vice President- Charissa Bridges

                 Secretary- Cathy Boyd

                 Treasurer- Sanja Tompkins

The MSW SO has a facebook page that members and friends of the club may join.

You are welcome to post information on the site and we expect that ethical behavior practices are followed.

The MSW SO also has t-shirts for sale for $15.00 a piece. They come in sports grey, white, lime, bright pink and bright orange. The back of the shirt has "Keep calm and carry on. No Thanks. I'd rather be a social worker and change the world."  To place your order,  contact an MSW SO officer.