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Offered By: College of Nursing and Health Professions
Application Deadline: Rolling Admission



The RN to BSN degree option is designed to give licensed registered nurses who have accumulated at least 1,000 hours working as an RN the opportunity to advance their education and career by earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  The RN to BSN option prepares students for the complex challenges facing our nation's health care system.  The course work may be completed in as little as 12 months depending on required support courses previously earned.

The nurse prepared at the baccalaureate level is a professional who has acquired a well-delineated and broad knowledge base for practice.  The role of a baccalaureate graduate is multifaceted and developed through extensive study in the areas of liberal education, professional values, core competencies, core knowledge and role development.  The baccalaureate graduate functions as a provider of direct and indirect care to individuals, families, groups, communities and populations.  The baccalaureate graduate is also a member of the profession and a designer, manager and coordinator of care.  Additionally, the baccalaureate prepared nurse has a background in teaching, research and management skills which lay the foundation for leadership positions and graduate education. 

  • Prerequisites

    Admission Requirements

    • Current unencumbered RN license
    • Minimum Overall 2.50 GPA (Official transcripts required)
    • Grade of "C" or better is required in English, Math and Science courses
    • Prerequisite courses (May be completed online through ASTATE Online Services.)
    • If you were born in a foreign country you must meet English proficiency standards - See School of Nursing website for details
    • Current immunization status:  MMR, HepB, Tetanus, TB (PPD or CXR)
    • Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) card (including adult, child, and infant)
    • Current background check through Verified Credentials
    • The following signed forms:
      1. 2014-2015 Nursing Student Handbook
      2. College of Nursing and Health Professions Code of Honor
      3. Student Confidentiality Contract
      4. Substance Abuse Compliance Contract
        • Admission Process

          Application Procedure

          Submit application for admission to the RN-to-BSN program through http://www.astate.edu/info/admissions/online/index.dot

          Submit all transcripts from all universities you have attended, as well as other required documents to: 

          Arkansas State University-Jonesboro
          ASTATE Online Services
          Applicants will be ranked based upon cumulate GPA with consideration for Spanish proficiency.
          See School of Nursing website for further information and completion of application process.
        • Additional Information

          ASU participates in the statewide articulation program for RNs seeking a BSN degree.  The School of Nursing faculty is committed to the concept of educational mobility and has provided a variety of approaches for registered nurses (RN) to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

          To facilitate movement through the BSN curriculum, a specially designed track has been developed for registered nurses who have demonstrated clinical proficiency.  The RN-to-BSN Capstone course is the clinical component of the program and is designed to facilitate individual professional development.  Students work with faculty to achieve individual learning goals through the capstone course.

          Students admitted will be required to supply additional documentation, including current CPR certification, Hepatitis B immunizations, TB skin test or chest x-ray, Tetanus, MMR and proof of professional liability (minimum $1,000,000/$3,000,000 coverage).  All documentation required by the
          School of Nursing must be kept current at all times during the course of your program.

          The School of Nursing affirms that all students enrolled in the BSN program must possess those intellectual, ethical, physical, and emotional capabilities required to undertake the full curriculum and to achieve the levels of competence required by the faculty for safe professional practice.  The criteria are included in the Nursing Student Handbook.

           For more information please contact:

          RN-to-BSN Coordinator Brinda McKinney bmckinney@astate.edu

        • Careers

          Career opportunities include a variety of work settings such as hospitals, clinics, home health environments, schools, industries, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, durable medical equipment sales and public health units.

        • Accreditations

          The BSN program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Nursing Education, Inc., 3433 Peachtree Road NE, Suite #850, Atlanta, GA 30326.  Telephone:  (404) 975-5000.  www.acenursing.org   The program is approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.

        • Checksheets & Degree Plans


          Checksheets list all of the requirements and university obligations for degree completion.

          Degree Plans

          Degree plans suggest a schedule of courses for students to follow as they pursue their degree.