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Civil Engineering, BSCE

The Civil Engineering program specializes in engineering educational opportunities in the transportation, water resources, structural, and geotechnical areas, but other traditional areas such as materials and environmental are covered in the curriculum. Civil engineering is the application of math, science, and engineering fundamentals for the benefit of society and the supporting infrastructure systems. Civil engineers are involved in the following areas: Environmental Engineering, Water Resources, Transportation Engineering, Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.

Degree Offered
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

The Program offers a full and diverse undergraduate curriculum in both lecture and laboratory courses, and is heavily committed to the total education, scholarship, and success of all of its students, and service to other constituents. The EE Program offers undergraduate research and scholarship opportunities in fields such as semiconductor materials and devices, electromagnetics, electrical power, and electrical machinery.

Degree Offered
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 


The Engineering program is structured to give all students a working knowledge of the engineering sciences and a progressive level of understanding and participation in the overall design process. The Engineering Program offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree with professional concentration areas in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering; or an individually planned program that may combine or cut across traditional fields of engineering and applied sciences.

The Master of Science in Engineering (MSEng) program provides a research thesis based, advanced education in engineering. The program of study leading to the MSEng degree presents an advanced cross-disciplinary understanding of engineering sciences, experimental methods, modeling, and fabrication techniques.

Degrees Offered
MinorMaster of Science

Engineering Management, MS

The Engineering Management program is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the knowledge and technical skills of advanced engineering and business management. The program is designed for all engineers on management career paths as well as for those charged with managing technology in engineering, manufacturing, and other high-tech organizations.

Degree Offered
Master of Science

Mechanical Engineering

The ASU mechanical engineering program includes a strong general education component, traditional engineering science courses, exposure to manufacturing processes and automation, and multi-course sequences to provide proficiency in Thermal and Mechanical system design.

Degree Offered
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering