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Pink: National Invitational Exhibition


Location: Fine Arts
Room: Fine Arts Gallery

PINK is a multi-media group exhibition on display from September 4 through October 12 in the Fine Arts Gallery on the campus of Arkansas State University, Jonesboro. Featuring the work of a broad, international group of artists, PINK is an exhibition that serves to address the implications and form of the color itself. Traditionally associated with the feminine domestic, the color pink is considered dainty or childishly gendered in the west. One rarely finds pink in nature and it is not part of the visible color spectrum. Today the color is culturally contentious and paradoxical, being reclaimed by nonconforming men and often rejected by feminists for its constricting “princess” associations. At home in both high and low culture, pink is historically rich in tradition, associated with elements diverse as slain samurai in Japan to the fashion trends of the 18th-century European bourgeoisie; Nazis used pink to mark homosexuals in World War II, and women’s rights marchers knit pink woolen hats to wear while protesting. 

PINK, curated by Associate Professor Melissa Wilkinson, seeks to emancipate the color from traditional gender associations by exploring each artist’s interpretation, reclaiming its place in a refreshed conversation.