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L-C Series: Gregg Goodhart, The Learning Coach: A Week-long Residency in the Science of Learning Begins

01/27/2020, 7:00 PM

Location: Humanities & Social Sciences
Room: 1028

All Lecture-Concert Series events are open to the public and free of charge.

"Seeing such a clear and detailed road map of how to effectively coach our brains gave me and will give my students such a feeling of being enabled." - Ian Snyder, University of Minnesota

Gregg Goodhart has an intense passion for teaching the art of learning. Students, teachers, faculty, and anyone interested in improving their learning skills will benefit immensely from Gregg’s classes as they feel the true empowerment of learning take effect. Of Gregg’s work which is all backed, informed, and shaped by relevant research, people have said, “Brilliant!,” “I wish I knew this info 20 years ago,” and “one of the most beneficial presentations to my teachers I think they have attended.”

During his residency, Gregg will present several classes, workshops, and lectures, which will awaken students to the techniques that produce deep, lasting learning. These classes have the potential to be life-changing for many as they discover the capability within to exceed their own perceived limitations. 

Additional details are in the online news release.