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Information Meeting on World War II Study Aboard in Japan as part of GLOBAL CLASSROOM: TOKYO, JAPAN—SUMMER 2020

10/30/2019, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Humanities & Social Sciences
Room: 4026

If you are you interested in studying World War II while studying in Japan next summer come to our information meeting. World War II has had lasting effects on the world we see today; however, many times history classes just examine the war through the prism of Europe, even though major battles and campaigns occurred in the Pacific. This class will focus on World War II in the Pacific by dissecting events through different perspectives including Japanese, American, Australian, British, Chinese, Vietnamese, and others. Students will explore the war through readings, movies, newsreels, radio reports, and oral histories, allowing them to view the war from different perspectives. If you are interested in the class, come to this meeting to meet Dr. Ed Salo, the class' professor, and members of the Study Aboard staff to answer questions and to help you get started in the process.