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Event Details

Delta Symposium XXII: Representing Cultural Heritage



Friday’s events will also begin at 8 a.m. with additional panels and media sessions. The keynote address by Dr. Stephen A. King will take place at 11:30. The communications professor and chair of speech communication at Eastern Illinois University will discuss connections between blues and Civil Rights in Mississippi. Details are in the news release.

The day’s activities will conclude with an evening of music, poetry, writing and verbal arts. Composer Chris Lawrence will offer the world premiere of his “String Quartet No. 1” to open the event at 7 p.m. in the Student Union auditorium.

A-State students will read from their contributions to the university’s “Tributary” literary magazine. Featured writers Ann McCutchan of the University of North Texas and Sterling Plumpp, the noted blues poet, will share readings from their work before the event concludes with an open-mic song circle open to the public.

The event is sponsored by A-State’s Department of English, Philosophy and World Languages with additional on-campus support, including a grant from the American Folklore Society. Most events will take place in the Mockingbird Room on the third floor of the Reng Student Union (GPS: 101 North Caraway Road). For more details, one may contact the Department of English, Philosophy and World Languages at (870) 972-3043 or visit the Delta Symposium website.