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CDLC: Building & Maintaining Quality Courses

03/15/2013, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


To enroll visit http://ittc-web.astate.edu/scheduler The course Development Life Cycle (CDLC) is a process for quality course design and development, created by the ITTC. The CDLC provides a framework for quality course design by focusing on 8 pillars: 1) Explore and Understand Possibilities, 2) Course Planning, 3? Unit Lesson and Design, 4) Quality Review, 5? Unit, Lesson and Material Preparation, 6? Course Delivery, 7? Assessment of Student Learning and, 8) Evaluation of instructor and course outcome.

For information, contact ITTC at 972-2334 or ittclab@astate.edu