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Camp Connections

07/15/2019, 8:30 AM - 07/19/2019, 12:30 PM

Location: Other
Other: Teacher Education
Room: 108

Connections created by Mary Margaret Scholtens, is a Reading Tutorial Program based on the science of reading designed for students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. The camp is for students PK – 6th grade and combines the Connections instructional program and tutoring in small groups of 4 with Literacy Enrichment Fun! The primary purpose of this camp is to improve struggling readers’ skills. The purpose of the camp is to help students overcome stigma and obstacles previously encountered and achieve success in reading. What greater loss exists than a child’s failure to learn to read? This camp includes individualized assessment to determine a child’s reading level, specific needs, and a planned instructional program for the development of appropriate goals and objectives. Most importantly Connections reading and tutorial assistance is provided for students daily. Small groups of students with similar abilities will be grouped together for 1½ hours of tutorial assistance each day by a trained Connections Instructor along with supervision provided by Connections Therapists. Additionally, A-STATE Teacher Education students trained in Connections will work as classroom tutors under the supervision of the Connections Program Coordinator. Literacy Enrichment activities are planned based on the child’s age, interest level, ability and developmental and maturity level.