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ASU Summer Children's Theatre presents TWO DUMB DOGS

06/19/2013, 10:00 AM


The 20th season of children’s theatre at ASU will open with Two Dumb Dogs by Edith Weiss. Ferdo and Floof are two not-very-bright-dogs – well, at least to some people. Constantly getting into trouble with their owner Roger, due mainly to their desire to break his rules, the two dogs decide to run away and seek fame and fortune on their own. Charming, adorable, and enchanting!! Ticket prices are $5 in advance and $7 at the door. To order tickets- Call 972-ASU1 or online at tickets.astate.edu Reservations are highly recommended.

Show times:

June 19th - 10am and 2pm

June 20th - 10am and 2pm

June 21th - 10am and 7:30pm

For more information contact Angie Smith at agsmith@astate.edu or 870-972-2037