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2016 Delta Flix Film and Media Festival



9:15 - 10:30

"Picturing Heritage" Part One

Photographers' Panel

Kimberly Blackburn (Arkansas State University)

Photographs capturing the essence of a small town in India, where extreme poverty is next door to beautiful, new buildings for the wealthy. The photos chronicle the middle class life in Indian villages. Whole families can only afford motorcycles in which to ride. I captured some of the children in a local orphanage. One young lady was placed in the home by her mother to protect her from the abuse of her father. Some believe that mental retardation is caused by an evil spirit living inside of the person. That person is then deemed unfit to live.

Tom Moore (Arkansas State University)

A collection of photographs representing the history of Lawrence County from 1877 up until World War II. The photographs present a look at the history and culture of the county, touching on agriculture, commerce, transportation, education and personal lifestyles.

Beverly Buys (Hot Springs)
Gabriel Tait (Arkansas State University)
Moderated by Edward Salo
Location: A-State Carl R. Reng Student Union, Mockingbird Room

12:00 - 12:15

Water From The Moon

Ellen Burns

Kadek, an 8-year-old Balinese boy, uses his toy telephone in an attempt to make contact with his recently deceased mother. After hearing a story of a spirit being spotted on the top of Mount Batur, an active volcano, Kadek becomes convinced that his mother is up there. He persuades his older sister, Putu, to sneak out of the house with him, and the two set forth on a journey to find their late mother’s spirit.

Location: A-State Carl R. Reng Student Union Auditorium

12:15 - 12:30

Dr. H.O. Sargent: The Man Behind a Movement and a National FFA Award

David Agnew and Tim Bevy

One of the founding fathers of the NFA was Dr. H.O. Sargent. In 1939, after the death of Dr. Sargent the NFA developed an award in his honor. This award continued until the merger in 1965. The award was all but forgotten until, 1995 when the National FFA formed a taskforce to investigate development of a new H. O. Sargent Award that would recognize diversity in the FFA and Agricultural Education. The Official FFA Manual mentions H.O. Sargent six times, but few people know the story of the man behind the movement that led to the NFA and the H.O. Sargent Award.

Location: A-State Carl R. Reng Student Union Auditorium

3:30 - 4:05

Easy Silence

Ashley Reign

Easy Silence is a short film written and starring ASU theatre grad Ashley Reign. The film is set deep in the backwoods of the American South and follows the story of a recently divorced young woman who must face her demons and addictions in order to become a mother to her infant son.

Location: A-State Carl R. Reng Student Union Auditorium

4:10 - 4:35

World War II Oral History

Anna Brand

An oral history interview conducted with Ms. Bland's grandparents about their work in World War II.

Location: A-State Carl R. Reng Student Union Auditorium


Wardell Pennington Interview

Jaqulyn Brantley

Interview with WWII fighter pilot, Wardell Pennington. Mr. Pennington recalls his experiences while over seas.

Location: A-State Carl R. Reng Student Union Auditorium


"The Grand Generation"

Featured Film

Academy Award Winner Marjorie Hunt (Smithsonian Institution) From Academy Award winners Paul Wagner and Marjorie Hunt and folklorist Steve Zeitlin comes this warm portrait of six elderly Americans whose vigor belies their age. Three are folk artists, one a baker, one a political activist, and one a bayman on the Chesapeake. Though they remember the past, they still relish the present and life it fully.

Location: A-State Carl R. Reng Student Union Auditorium