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Miscanthus Harvest December 2015

Miscanthus Harvest

Dr. Steve Green harvesting Miscanthus at one of his research plots at the ASU Farm.

The harvester gathers the biomass material at the header, chops it into fine clippings, and then blows the material into the rear of the machine where a sample weight is taken. The sample from each plot is then emptied into the specially modified Bobcat bucket.

A lot of data is being collected from the miscanthus plots currently being harvested. This data includes the plant height, biomass weight, and moisture of each plot. Once analyzed, the miscanthus biomass is composted in piles over the winter (hence the use of a dump trailer) and later spread as an organic matter amendment on the fields.

Over the past 100 years, ASU has evolved from a regional school of agricultural instruction to a comprehensive university. The College of Agriculture and Technology has also evolved throughout the years. While education is still our primary mission, we also have extensive public outreach programming and research activities.

Graduates ready for career advancement

We prepare our graduates for entry and career advancement in the food, fiber and natural resources industry, which involves production (farming), agribusiness and value added processing, public service and rural leadership; and for entry and advancement in the manufacturing and industrial technology industries.

We offer both undergraduate and master’s degrees within the college, and we participate in doctoral education through the interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences and Molecular Biosciences programs.

Want A Job? Study Food and Agriculture

According to an article on the Forbes magazine website,

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts that over the next five years the annual demand for college graduates in agriculture and food industries will be 57,900 jobs per year. Unfortunately, American agricultural colleges  . . . will only be producing about 35,400 graduates per year."

ASU Regional Farmers' Market

Farmers Market LogoThe ASU Regional Farmers' Market  is a non-profit entity for the purpose of developing and operating a locally owned and operated farmers' market in Jonesboro and the surrounding area.

For further information, contact Bob Young: 870-926-0250

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2016 Arkansas State University Agribusiness Conference

The 22nd annual A-State Agribusiness Conference will be held Wednesday, February 10. Morning sessions begin at 8:00 am in the Fowler Center. Lunch and afternoon sessions begin at 12:00 noon in the Convocation Center.

Conference Information


Walk-in registration will be available on-site the day of the conference.

Making Headlines

Dr. Peter Larbi was featured in the Jan-Feb. 2015 issue of Resource Magazine (the official magazine for the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers). The image was selected as one of the winning submissions in the “Photographs” category of the magazine’s Visual Challenge 4. The purpose of the challenge is “to call attention to and celebrate the visual aspects of agricultural and biological engineering”.

march cover15

The new Agricultural Systems Technology concentration in the College of Agriculture and Technology was featured in the latest issue of Arkansas Grown Magazine.


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