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The mission of the ABI is to improve the health of Arkansans through new and expanded agricultural and medical research initiatives.

A Leader in Health Sciences Research

ABI will become internationally recognized as a leader in health and life sciences research. Its multifaceted programs will strengthen Arkansas through science-based economic development including research, education, and technology. By working on joint and related research initiatives, the five member organizations created a large community of scientists and researchers who can better compete for external grant awards from federal sources and national foundations, increase the number of scientists and staff supported by extramural funding, share resources (equipment and expertise), attract other scientists to Arkansas, and encourage science-based economic development in the state.

 Undergraduate Sophomore student won First Place at ACS Dallas

Undergraduate Sophomore student Christopher “Aaron” Tollett (Biology/Chemistry) won First Place at the Undergraduate Student Research Symposium-Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division. This Symposium is part of the American Chemical Society National Meeting that is going on at Dallas this week.  Aaron gave his invited talk on Sunday and the awards were presented this evening during the banquet. Six students from universities across the US were selected and invited to give a talk at this Symposium.

ABI Biotechnology Research Internship

ABI is sponsoring the ABI Biotechnology Research Internship this summer.  The purpose of this program is to provide basic support for ASU students majoring in the life sciences who wish to gain research experience in areas of life sciences or applications to life sciences during the summer of their sophomore or junior years (application and mentor list attached).  All qualifying students are encouraged to apply.  We have provided a brief summary from each faculty that have elected to participate as a mentor in this program.


The students are eligible to begin as soon as school is out in May and the program runs for 10 weeks at 20 hours per week.  There will be three internship positions available under this program.  $500 will be provided to the supporting laboratory for research supplies.  The internship pays $2,500 and taxes will be withheld.  Application deadline is noon April 21.

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