Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Group Exercise

The Department of Wellness and Health Promotion offers many different group exercise class options for faculty and staff and their families.  All classes are offered free of charge!


Circuit Training

This class has two separate sections; 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and 20 minutes of strength training on resistance machines, and ends with 5 minutes of cool down/stretch. It’s the perfect class for your lunch time workout! 

Core Training

This is a 30-minute class designed for full abdominal and lower back work out.  

Desk to 5k Running Club

By using intervals of walking and running, this program can help anyone build up to being able to run a 5k!  For both beginning and experienced runners.

Guns & Buns

This 30-minute class provides an arm and shoulder strength workout and then moves into lower body strength and toning. It is great for all fitness levels.


This 30-minute class is a relaxing way to challenge the core muscles and improve balance.

Walk Warriors

Join us for 15-minute walk breaks around campus.  It’s the perfect way to get up and stretch your legs!

Water Aerobics

This is a perfect class for low impact exercise. Total body toning and cardiovascular exercise all wrapped up into one class! All exercise is involved in the water. 


Come learn the basic fundamentals of yoga. This class is designed to teach you the basic yoga moves. This class helps you increase a strong body, mind and spirit. 


Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health. Ditch the workout and join the party! ™