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International Student Exchange Programs

Arkansas State University is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), a membership organization of over 300 institutions in the United States and worldwide. ISEP offers both ISEP-Direct, and ISEP-Exchange programs.

The Types of Programs

ISEP offers 2 programs through the schools you are exploring.

ISEP-Exchange: Students who choose the ISEP-Exchange option will pay tuition, meals, and housing at Arkansas State University. These expenses will be waived at the host university.

ISEP-Direct: Students who choose the ISEP-Direct option will pay the costs as set by ISEP. Often, ISEP-Direct is an alternative to the exchange option when ISEP-Exchange space is limited or not available at the university.

For a complete list of ISEP member institutions and to start an application, check out their web site. 

Visit the ISEP Website