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Available Programs

Semester- and Year-long Study Abroad Programs

All A-State students studying abroad are required to submit an application with the Study Abroad Office. Students can choose from A-State Exchange Partners, the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), faculty led programs, A-State Affiliate Partners,  or Internships, Research and Independent Study for a suitable, semester or year-long, Study Abroad Program.

A-State Bilateral Exchange Partners

Studying abroad at an A-State bilateral partner allows you to exchange your space at A-State with a student from that partner university for a semester or a year. You will take classes in many academic fields with students from all over the world.  While many programs offer coursework in English, others offer language immersion programs.  You will be charged A-State tuition and fees. And you can apply your scholarships and aid toward the cost of your program.

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Arkansas State University is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), a membership organization of over 300 institutions in the United States and worldwide. ISEP offers both ISEP-Direct, and ISEP-Exchange programs. A-State students studying abroad through an ISEP- Exchange program pay tuition and fees, room and board at A-State. These benefits are waived at the host university. Students who choose the ISEP-Direct option pay the cost of the program as set by ISEP.

Faculty Led Programs

Faculty led programs are directed by A-State faculty who travel with the students. Students can pick a program offered through their colleges for a shorter, more-focused experience abroad.

A-State Affiliate Partners

A-State affiliate partner programs are institutions approved by the Study Abroad Office. Students pay expenses as set by the host university.

Internships, Research and Independent Study

Internships, Research and Independent Study opportunities are also available to A-State students working in close collaboration with a faculty member willing to supervise and asses their work for academic credit. Opportunities vary by college, but students can receive scholarships, study abroad insurance, and other support services through the Study Abroad Office.