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Treatment Fees

Listed below are the treatment fees at the Student Health Center.

Sick Visit

Nutrition Counseling/Weight Loss

Blood Pressure Check

Influenza Vaccination (injections)

Influenza Swab Test

Glucose Check

Total Cholesterol

Mono Check

Strep 'A' Check

Hemoglobin/Anemia Check

Allergy Injection Fee

Tuberculin Skin Test
$10 per injection, Reading free-Students

Tetanus & Diptheria Injection

Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR) Injection
$60 per injection-Students,
2 needed to complete series

Hepatitis A & B
$60 per injection-Students,
3 needed to complete series

Rocephin Injection
1 gm $30.00/500 mg $15.00-Students

Urine Pregnancy Test

Blood Pregnancy Test

Varicella Titer

Well Physicals Exam (include Hgb, UA)

HIV Test w/Counseling

Pap Smear 

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia Testing

Herpes Type I and II


Wound Culture

Incision & Drainage (I & D)

Dressing/Steri Strips/Stitch Removal


Various Diagnostic Lab Tests
prices vary per lab

B-12 Injection

* The above prices and services offered are subject to change. Other services may be available as needed, please ask staff for pricing.