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Tuition & Fees

A college education is the best investment you can make in your future. A college education provides the foundation for unequaled career options, increased lifetime earnings and a higher quality of life.

Tuition & Mandatory Fees per Semester*

based on 15 hrs
based on 12 hrs
*additional program, course, and college specific fees may apply

Tuition & Fees Details

If you need a better understanding of where the numbers listed above are generated, please review the detailed tuition and fees sections by clicking your appropriate classification below.

We offer a tuition estimator that can calculate this information for you.

Tuition Estimator

This tool allows students to estimate their tuition and fees based on their classification and total number of credit hours, for the academic term of their choice.

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Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

Students are responsible for dropping/withdrawing from all classes they are not attending. 

When courses are dropped, the following refund policy determines the amount refunded to the student account (this excludes students enrolled in A-State Online Services programs): 

  • Fall and Spring Term (Full Term courses)
    • First 5 days of courses:  100% refund
    • Next 5 days of courses:  75% refund
  •  Summer I and Summer II
    • First 2 days of courses:  100% refund
    • Next 2 days of courses:  75% refund
  • Interim Courses
    • 1st day of courses:  100% refund

**Please contact Student Accounts for the Refund Policy for a shorter term course.

Traditional Online Courses

Beginning Fall 2012, all “traditional online courses” will be charged ALL MANDATORY FEES. Any complete online academic program should be excluded from this assessment, which currently includes the following programs: Students enrolled in programs with A-State Online Services and the online Masters of Business Administration.