Welcome to Arkansas State University!

A-State Staff Members:


Please follow the link below to log in and nominate eligible colleagues for Staff Senate.  The nomination deadline is March 10 at 4 PM.  The number of open seats in your category will be indicated at the top of the page.  Please nominate an individual for each open seat.  A-State staff members who are in positions that are 100% grant funded are ineligible to serve on Staff Senate. However, they may nominate and vote in the election.




Staff Senate representation is organized by Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) category.  EEO categories are used in federal reporting to segment employees into similar work categories based on position responsibilities.  Each EEO category is represented by two staff senators or one staff senator for every 35 employees, whichever is greater. Some EEO categories have multiple positions open this year for election.


The individual(s) receiving the most nominations will be given the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination.   Those who accept the nomination will be requested to provide a short biography and/or statement of interest to be published and made available to all staff prior to the election.  Nominations will begin March 6 and end on March 10 at 4 PM.




EEO Category                                     Category Number                   Open Senate Seats


Non-Faculty Professional                               30                                            5

Technical/Para Professional                           40                                            1

Secretarial/Clerical                                         50                                            3

Skilled Crafts                                                  60                                            1

Service/Maintenance                                      70                                            1


If you have any difficulty with the nomination process, please contact me by email at bhampton@astate.edu.


Thank you,

Brandy Hampton

Vice President, A-State Staff Senate