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For all categories, award nominees should be individuals who exemplify professionalism and a dedication to excellence in service, and perform above the standard to improve programs of Arkansas State University-Jonesboro.

Rookie of the Year – Individual (Award of $500)

  • Less than two years of service (as of March 15)
  • Excels in all aspects of his/her responsibilities
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Extraordinary impact on the department as a role model
  • Obvious connection with students, staff, faculty and/or administrators

Unsung Hero – Individual (Award $1000)

  • Staff member who, through his/her daily work over a significant period of time, consistently demonstrates excellence
  • Individual’s contributions may have gone “unnoticed” by much of the community as he/she works "behind the scenes” with great humility
  • Extraordinary efforts in performing tasks other than his/her own normal job duties
  • Shows enthusiasm and initiative, and displays a customer-oriented attitude

Team Player – Individual (Award $1000)

  • Exceeds expectations within the department
  • Interacts with constituents above and beyond one’s duties and responsibilities
  • Creates a positive impression of his/her department by a spirit of service
  • Impacts the department and others in some significant fashion
  • Possesses a willingness to collaborate and tends to be more concerned about getting the job accomplished rather than receiving credit

Team Achievement – Departmental (Award Traveling Trophy)

  • Includes, but is not limited to a department, committee, task force
  • Addresses a problem/opportunity resulting in subsequent savings or improved service to customers/clients
  • Achieves cooperation/collaboration, outstanding service and building community
  • Group works exceptionally well with others, both within the department and throughout the ASU-J community
  • Possesses a willingness to collaborate and tends to be more concerned about getting the job accomplished rather than receiving credit
  • Thinking across division or office of how this situation will impact others

Outstanding Part-Time Award – Individual (Award $250)

  • Recognizes a part-time employee and/or student of the university
  • Day-to-day contributions to the department’s mission are exceptional
  • Outstanding performance related to a particular project
  • Overall job performance

Faculty Outstanding Recipient of Collaborative Efforts (FORCE Award) - Individual (Award $250 presented by the current Staff Senate President)

  • Recognizes a faculty member who has been willing to be a true partner with all colleagues,
  • especially staff
  • Exemplifies professionalism in all working relationships throughout the ASU-J community
  • Models high standards of ethics and partners with staff, students and the Northeast Arkansas community

Extra Mile Award – Individual (Award $1000)

  • Employee has gone “above and beyond” their job responsibilities to exhibit exemplary customer service
  • Exceptional efforts to enhance service to the "customer" in support of the university's mission