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Curriculum Committee Calendar

Deadlines for inclusion on curriculum council agenda: Curriculum_Committee_Calendar

An electronic copy of proposals must be emailed to curriculum@astate.edu by the given deadlines for these to be included on the meeting agendas.

File Information Last Modified
Bulletin_Banner_Change_Transmittal_Form.docx 07/06/2016
File Size: 55.1 K
Course_Deletion_Proposal_Form.docx 07/06/2016
File Size: 62.4 K
Course_Revision_Proposal_Form.docx 08/31/2016
File Size: 62.2 K
LONs_Proposal_Form.docx 07/07/2016
File Size: 114.7 K
New_Course_Proposal_Form.docx 07/06/2016
File Size: 84.1 K
New_Emphasis_Concentration_or_Option_Proposal_Form.docx 07/06/2016
File Size: 51.6 K
New_Minor_Proposal_Form.docx 08/19/2016
File Size: 52.6 K
New_Program_Certificate_Proposal_Form.docx 07/06/2016
File Size: 172.5 K
Program_Emphasis_or_Minor_Deletion_Proposal_Form.docx 07/06/2016
File Size: 78.2 K
Reconfig_Program_Proposal_Form.docx 07/06/2016
File Size: 100.9 K

Supplementary Documents

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How to copy, paste, and format a section of the bulletin in to a Curriculum Proposal document. 

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How to Write an Effective Course Description.