Welcome to Arkansas State University!

The following services are available at each of our on-campus residence halls.

Cable Television

Basic cable is provided at no additional charge to residence hall students. Cable repair requests should be reported through the use of the on-line work order request link or to the front desk or the Department of Residence Life.



Students will need a cat5 ethernet cable (this is not the same as a phone cable) where wireless may not be available. No registration or login is necessary- simply plug and play.


Aerohive wireless access points are installed throughout the resident halls.  For more detailed information refer to the ITS wireless page.
A-State Wireless Information

Computer Labs

Computer Labs are located in all of the first year residence halls. These labs are for residents only. Please check with the hall office for access to and operation hours of the lab. As a courtesy to others, food and drinks are not allowed in the computer labs.


Elevators are located in residence halls with five or more stories for the convenience of the residents. Persons with disabilities should be allowed to use an elevator prior to someone without disabilities. Maintenance of elevators should be reported to the hall offices.


Washers and dryers are located in each of the residence halls and in the apartment complexes. If the machines are not working properly, contact Caldwell & Gregory or the Department of Residence Life. Contact information for Caldwell & Gregory can be found in the laundry rooms.

Pest Control

To prevent unwanted pests, students should keep the room clean and take out the trash. If pests are found, Residence Life provides extermination service. Please contact the hall desk immediately or complete online work order request.

Room Repairs

Any damages presently in the room prior to check in should be marked on the inventory form. Please review this form to assess that all damages are reported within 24 hours of checking in. If, during the course of any given semester, damages occur within the room the student must immediately report these damages to the hall staff. Damages that are made by the resident or the resident’s guests will also be placed on a work order with an attached damage statement for the billing of such repairs.

Telephone Service

The University does not furnish telephone service to residents’ room. There is a phone at the front desk that may be used to contact emergency personnel.

TV and Study Lounges

The majorities of the residence halls have TV and study lounges for students’ convenience. Furniture and lobby fixtures must remain in the lobbies and lounges.

Vending Machines

Vending machines dispensing drinks and snacks are located throughout the residence hall areas. Consult the hall staff for the location of the nearest vending machine. For snack and drink machine refunds, please report amount lost to the cashier in the Reng Student Union.