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Employee Room Discount Form

An outline of the policy follows:

  1. Rooms are available in Arkansas, Kays, Honor Living-Learning Community, Northpark Quads, ROTC, STEM Den, and University only.  This discount will NOT apply to rooms in Collegiate Park, Red Wolf Den, The Village, or The Greek Village.
  2. There will be no set number of rooms reserved for this purpose.
  3. Rooms will be provided no later than the 12th class day of fall or spring semester.
  4. Discounted rooms are not available during the summer terms.
  5. Dependents that want to pay full price to guarantee rooms will not be eligible for rebate.
  6. Room scholarships recipients will not receive discount.
  7. Recipients of the discount are required to purchase a non-discounted meal plan.
  8. Private and private deluxe rooms are available at the discount only after all private room offers to residents paying full price have been exhausted.
  9. Taxes are assessed at the value of the benefit.
  10. Discount is 75% of the room cost per semester.
  11. Must be a full-time student to receive discount.
  12. Recipients are subjected to the terms and conditions of the Room and Board Contract.
  13. Employee must be eligible for full University benefits.