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First Year Residential Experience

The First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program at Arkansas State University provides year long learning opportunities, activities, and support for first-year students.

The purpose of FYRE is to welcome new students to a community of learners and to provide opportunities for faculty and students to interact in meaningful ways outside the classroom. First years students are housed in areas designed specifically for them.

Students talking in the food court

We are committed to helping all first-year students experience great "connections" at Arkansas State University. In order to do this, we at Residence Life have implemented the First Year Residential Experience program. This program is designed to assist in students' transition from high school to college by encouraging a connection with the University through academics, campus activities, residence hall programs, and other events that enrich the college experience.

"Living on campus has great advantages. You are close to class and are always in the middle of various activities."

- Lance Weaver, FYRE participant

National studies indicate that students who actively participate in shaping their college education both inside and outside of the classroom are more likely to achieve college success. Students who connect with the University during their first year are more likely to return to the University and graduate.

Every first year residential student will belong to one of the three FYRE halls which house the various residential communities. Residence hall directors and resident assistants (RAs) receive special training in the developmental needs of college students, peer counseling and other skills.

Residence halls at Arkansas State University are much more than just a place to sleep. They are centers for educational living and learning. Students are encouraged and challenged to develop and participate in programming that is beneficial to the betterment of the University and to the greater community. Residents will enjoy a multifaceted program with academic experiences, social opportunities and personal responsibilities. This type of environment is designed to foster student success and a sense of belonging within the Arkansas State University community.

The most unique feature of FYRE is the academic portion of the program. Students are housed together in the same building, and then placed in two classes together. The classes will be a First Year Experience class and a general education class. The classes are not connected to a major and are intentionally broad to allow students to investigate different paths. This promotes student's independence and creativity. Additional academic programs will occur within the residence halls.

As a first year student at ASU, you'll find many opportunities to help you succeed. We want your first year at ASU to be one of the best years of your life, and a year that will translate into a successful graduation as an Arkansas State University Red Wolf!