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Graduate Hall Director



Graduate Hall Director
Position Agreement


The Graduate Hall Director (GHD) is responsible for managing a residence hall.  Duties include establishing a community that enhances the educational experience of students, supervising student staff, advising student government groups, and coordinating administrative and operational functions. 


Skills and Responsibilities: 

I.  Provide overall management of a residence hall.

A.           Administer hall budgets. 

B.           Assist with annual Priority Sign up.

C.           Complete occupancy reports.

  1. Report and follow up on maintenance and housekeeping concerns in and around the residence hall.
  2. Coordinate an efficient and customer centered check in/out process.

F.            Coordinate Resident/Community Assistant (RA/CA) on duty rotation.

G.           Assure the residence hall is secured, supervise emergency procedures, and educate residents concerning safety.

H.           Serve as a daily communication link between the Area Coordinator’s office and the residence hall.

I.             Maintain an accurate key inventory; submit key inventory monthly.

J.            Complete and turn in time sheets for hall employees.

K.           Perform other related duties as required or assigned.


II. Promote individual and team development in staff.

  1.        Recruit, select, train, supervise and evaluate Resident/Community Assistant staff.

B.           Meet with staff periodically to disseminate relevant information to staff, build trust and unity within staff, and provide leadership.  Meet weekly with staff as a group.  Meet biweekly with staff individually.

C.           Recruit, select, train, supervise and evaluate a 24-hour desk staff in the FYRE Buildings and a limited desk in the Upper-class/Apt and Living Learning Communities.

D.           Provide ongoing feedback to hall staff concerning job performance. 

E.            Attend weekly GHD staff meetings.  Attend monthly ResEd/Op meetings.  Attend monthly GHD Staff Development.

F.            Participate in departmental activities, projects, and committees that will promote personal and professional development.

G.           Participate in state and regional professional developmental activities such as workshops, conferences, and associations.   


III. Facilitate individual student growth and development.

A.           Advise and educate residents on life skills.

1.            Implement programs designed to meet the developmental needs of a diverse residence hall population utilizing the Program Model for your community.

                              2.            Support hall staff and hall government programs.

B.           Make appropriate referrals.

C.           Advise Hall Council.

D.           Interpret University/Hall policies.

E.            Serve on University/Departmental committees.

F.            Be a resource person.

G.           Serve as an advocate for students.

H.           Mediate student conflicts.

I.             Serve as a role model for students and staff.  Model appropriate professional and ethical behavior.


Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree.  Residence Hall experience at undergraduate level is required.  Preference will be given to graduate students enrolled in Arkansas State University’s College Student Personnel program.


Graduate Hall Directors are selected for the Residence Life system, not for specific residential facilities.  Placement is determined by the Department of Residence Life and may change at the discretion of the Director, Associate Director of Residence Education, or the Area Coordinators.  Graduate Hall Director appointments are made for the academic year.  Reappointment is not automatic for the succeeding year but will be made on an evaluation of previous performance.  Based on justifiable reasons such as violation of policy, insubordination, etc. a GHD’s position may be terminated. 

 Remunerations:  The compensation package includes an annual stipend of $8,570, a meal plan, a tuition discount of 50% of the normal fee, and in-state tuition.  A furnished apartment with utilities is provided within the residence hall as a condition of employment. Also includes professional development money and a designated parking space.



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