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Teaching Internship (Capstone)

Teaching Internship - Level 3

The University recognizes that your teaching internship experience is a full-time responsibility; therefore, other than the internship courses, interns are not permitted to enroll in other university/college courses, including correspondence, web, distance learning, or courses at other universities or colleges. In addition, the University does not permit you to work full-time while you are a teacher intern. Part-time employment is subject to the approval of your Department Screening Committee.

The Department of Teacher Education strongly recommends that students who plan to work part-time jobs during their internship cautiously consider the consequences that working other jobs may have on their teaching performance. The department suggests that interns who feel it a necessity to work should attempt no more that 20 hours of work per week and should have at least a 2.76 GPA. All interns must meet the same internship performance standards as stated in the Teacher Education Handbook. Working a part-time job could interfere with the intern's maximum performance.

The teaching internship is the capstone experience of the teacher education program that is designed to meld theory and practice. Early childhood education majors (P-4), middle level education majors (4-8), and secondary (7-12) engage in the teaching internship all day for a full semester. The teaching internship semester is divided for early childhood and middle level majors. Early childhood education majors spend one-half semester in a kindergarten setting and one-half semester in a primary grade. Mid level education majors spend one-half semester in a fourth or fifth grade classroom and one-half semester in a sixth, seventh, or eighth grade classroom. As part of the teaching internship semester, early childhood and mid level education majors also attend seminar courses that meet periodically.

Additional Minimum Requirements for Admission into the Teaching Internship:

  1. Formal admittance into the teacher education program
  2. Senior standing-a minimum of 90 semester hours
  3. Pre-Teacher Intern Check Form filed with the Office of Professional Education Programs
  4. Completion of professional education courses for secondary education majors, professional education/major courses for early childhood (P-4) and middle level (4-8) majors and for Program of Study students, professional education courses required on the POS with the exception of the teaching internship semester
  5. Attainment of a minimum grade point average of 2.50 in all course work and a minimum grade point average of 2.50 in the major area (minimum of 3.0 in all course work required for Program of Study students and a minimum 3.0 major grade point average)
  6. Completion of prescribed department requirements
  7. Completion of application forms for teaching internship eight weeks before the end of the semester or one week before the pre-registration date of the semester preceding teaching internship
  8. Completion of a medical examination report (TB test) to be presented at the time the candidate applies for teaching internship
  9. Attendance at the mandatory orientation and seminar sessions for the teaching internship
  10. Verification of no conviction of a felony or crimes listed on page 38 of the Teacher Education Handbook

Transfer students must meet the above prerequisites and complete a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours of resident work at Arkansas State University to be eligible to enroll in the teaching internship.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Audrey Bowser at abowser@astate.edu