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Arkansas State University encourages all small, minority, and women owned business enterprises to compete for, win, and receive contracts for goods, services, and construction.  We also encourage all companies to subcontract portions of any state contract to minority business enterprises.

This list of bids will be posted on the ASU Procurement Services web site.  

RFP's and RFQ's are posted on the Contract Administration & Strategic Sourcing

Arkansas State University reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Note: When Arkansas State University-Jonesboro is closed for any reason (i.e. inclement weather, fire or other natural disaster) all bid openings and pre-bid meetings are postponed until the next open & operational work day, and the bid will be opened at the same time stated in the solicitation. 

Bidding Information

  • Bids are posted as they are issued by the Univeristy
  • Bidders are responsible for checking this website for any addendums
  • If there is not a "view bid" link or you cannot open the file, contact Procurement Services
  • Arkansas State University reserves the right to reject any or all bids

Current Bids

Sealed bids will be received for the following commodities or services until the time stated below:

To view RFP & RFQ Postings, please use this link http://www.astate.edu/a/contract-admin/rfp/
Bid Number Commodity Department Opening Date

Bid Results

                Recent Bid Results
               *Contact Procurement Services for copy of results

To view RFP & RFQ Results, please use this link http://www.astate.edu/a/contract-admin/rfp/
    Bid Number               Commodity Award to: Opening Date

BID #1

Landscape Maintenance Service Anderson Landscaping May 18, 2018

BID #14

Janitorial Supplies Martin Industrial Supplies August 15, 2017

BID #9

Phoathon Management Firm Wilson-Bennett Technology Inc. June 20, 2017

BID #8

Tree Pruning and Removal Williams Tree Service May 18, 2017

BID #6

Kitchen & Janitorial Supplies Martin Industrial Supplies April 28, 2017

BID #5

Tree Pruning & Removal Services Rejected - Rebid April 20, 2017

BID #4

Suppression Fire Systems
Testing & Inspection
State Systems Inc. April 5, 2017

BID #3

Cleaning & Inspection of
Hood Systems
State Systems Inc. March 24, 2017

BID #2

Annual Fire Protection Testing
and Inspection
Reliable Fire Protection March 22, 2017

BID #1

UNIFORMS G & K Services March 13, 2017

BID #37 

Used Van Crane Ford March 13, 2017

BID #27

Repair of Refrigeration and Ice Makers Denver Refrigeration January 19, 2017

BID #26

Grease Pumping/Drain Jetting Harris Pipe & Line Plumbing October 25, 2016

BID #25

Patient Simulation Equipment & Supplies BoundTree Medical LLC October 21, 2016

Bid #3

JOC Ordering
Various Vendors Awarded*  July 28, 2016

Bid #51

Risk Management Consultant and Brokerage Services Bancorp June 10, 2016

Bid #52

Tractor Lease Greenway Equipment May 27, 2016

Bid #33

Waste Collection, Transportation and Disposal Tradebe Environmental Services March 30, 2016