Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Travel Guidelines

Before You Travel....

  • Seek approval to travel from your department, sponsored programs, etc.
  • Complete Vehicle Safety Forms VSP1 and VSP2 (Note special instructions for students AND attach a copy of your driver’s license).
  • All vehicle rentals must be processed through Motor Pool, whether local or out of state. Contact Judy Dudley at 972-4733. 
  • Contact your automobile insurance agent to confirm if “business use” coverage is required if driving your personal vehicle.
  • Complete Travel Authorization (TA). Check “Special” for lodging on TA when appropriate. The Trip Optimizer must be completed and attached to the TA when using a personal vehicle. 
  • Locate daily maximum lodging and meal allowances for destination: Daily Lodging and Meal Allowances (effective October 2012) or Daily Lodging and Meal Allowances (effective October 2011) 
  • Apply for a Cash Advance by completing the appropriate Cash Advance form (50% of meals and miscellaneous only). The travel office MUST receive the request TEN days prior to the leave date.
  • Locate allowable mileage. Use Rand McNally if your destination is not available on the chart.
  • Check for international travel warnings and health alerts on the web

For Student Group Advances

  • Will be issued to the Sponsor – (90% of meals and lodging is allowed)
  • Apply for cash advance on TA - travel office MUST receive request TEN days prior to leave 
  • Attach list of students to the TA in addition to the Student Liability Waiver form.  

During Your Trip....

  • Keep all itemized receipts for all expenses
  • Keep conference schedule (showing all meals which are provided)
  • Obtain “zero balance” hotel bill

For Student Groups

  • All itemized receipts must be obtained for student groups including meal receipts
  • Students must sign a log if cash is received for meals-this log will serve as a receipt for reimbursement

When You Return....

  • Prepare Travel Reimbursement (TR1) listing expenses that will not be reimbursed by other funds (personal expenses, entertainment expenses, meal per diems when meals are provided by conference, tips, etc)
  • Attach required receipts/proof of payment, conference schedule, etc.
  • Tape small receipts securely to separate piece of paper, staple to TR1 form
  • Attach a conversion sheet to cash receipt being claimed if submitting a TR1 for International travel
  • Submit in a timely manner
  • Pay Travel Advance within 15 (fifteen) working days of return