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Travel Services

Travel and Expense Management (TEM) is the online module used to submit authorization and expense reports. In order to establish access for travelers, approvers, and delegates (those that enter travel for others), each individual is required to complete the necessary training videos and certifications related to their travel role(s). Travelers cannot be granted access until their approvers certify their training videos. For more information regarding security and approval routings, please visit the Banner Support web site.

For additional information, please visit our Travel and Expense web page or contact your Travel Representative.

Travel Services is dedicated to providing information on travel policies, reimbursement procedures, and other travel information to the faculty, staff and students of Arkansas State University-Jonesboro.

Our goal is to assist faculty and staff in their quest to be recognized as one of the best teaching and research institutions in the nation. We present training seminars and audit travel documents.

Mileage Reimbursement

The temporary maximum allowance for mileage is 42 cents/mile.