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Travel & Expense Management (TEM) Instructions

Travel and Expense Management (TEM) is an online process. In order to establish access for travelers, approvers, and delegates (those that enter travel for others), each individual is required to complete the necessary training videos and certifications related to their travel role(s). Travelers cannot be granted access until their approvers certify their training videos.

Travel and Expense Management training instructions for travelers that have not yet completed TEM training videos:

Once current employees view and certify the appropriate Travel and Expense Management training videos in Bblearn, they should contact Banner Finance security administration at bhp-support@astate.edu for security set-up and access to TEM. New employees and students who need access to TEM should complete the Security Request form to ensure they have access to the training videos in Bblearn. Once the traveler has viewed and certified the appropriate videos, the security will be granted as quickly as possible. Please contact Mark Newberry at 972-3261 for further information.

For additional support, you may access the Travel and Expense Management (TEM) User Guide under ‘Helpful Links’ on the Travel Services website.  You may also contact your Travel Representative for one-on-one assistance.

To learn more about security and approval routings, please visit http://www.astate.edu/a/banner-support/tem/.

Instructions to Access Training Videos for Travel & Expense Management (TEM)

Log in to My Campus and click on the BB (Blackboard) Learn icon on the left.  Click on ‘Employee Training Seminar’ on the right side of the page under ‘My Courses’.  On the left side of the page under ‘Employee Training Seminar’, click on ‘Travel and Expense Training’.

A list of videos will display.  Everyone (regardless of your role) is required to be certified on the first video ’01 Access TEM and Review Profile’.  You should choose the appropriate videos according to your specific role as a traveler, a delegate or approver.

Scroll down the page to access videos.  Click on the appropriate video.  Once you have completed reviewing the required video, click on the link below the video to certify for that particular video.  Click ‘Begin’ to display the certification question.  Answer the certification question, then click ‘Save and Submit’.  Click ‘ok’.  Once the test has been submitted, click on ‘Travel and Expense Training’ to access the next required training video. Repeat the above instructions for each required video.

Contact Teresa Mosley or Angie Opperman in ITS (tmosley@astate.edu or aopperman@astate.edu) to set up scanner software for your particular scanner.  

For additional support, you may access the Travel and Expense Management (TEM) User Guide under ‘Helpful Links’ (on the left).  You may also contact your Travel Representative for one-on-one assistance.

If you receive an error when attempting to access the Travel and Expense videos from Internet Explorer, please follow the steps on this link. 

Travel Services is dedicated to providing information on travel policies, reimbursement procedures, and other travel information to the faculty, staff and students of Arkansas State University-Jonesboro.

Our goal is to assist faculty and staff in their quest to be recognized as one of the best teaching and research institutions in the nation. We present training seminars and audit travel documents.

Mileage Reimbursement

The temporary maximum allowance for mileage is 42 cents/mile.

TEM Document Attachment Instructions

Travelers and Delegates
AXConnect (Window Users)
WebXtender (Mac and Off-Campus Users)