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P-Cards, T-Cards and Ghost Cards

What is a P-Card?

The State Procurement Card, also known as the P-Card, is a credit card that each department will use to purchase low-dollar, supply items. The P-Card program is designed to help better manage these purchases.


It also benefits the departments, the University, and our vendors by allowing easier access to purchases and eliminating the need for a purchase order. The P-Card will be issued to designated, full-time employees in each department to enhance University and departmental effectiveness and economy of operations.

Using the P-Card

Please read the following information about the P-Card to help your department understand the rules and regulations for using the P-Card.

Grant Accounts

Office of Sponsored Programs and Grants must approve P-Card applications for grant accounts.

Additional Paperwork Requirements

When processing your monthly P-Card transaction log, additional paperwork is required for the following:

  • Conference Registrations
    Attach a copy of the Travel Authorization (TA) to the P-Card log.
  • Food Purchased from an Outside Source
    A completed food purchase form must be attached to your transaction log. The P-Card cannot be used for restaurants or catering services, with the exception of Sodexo.
  • Promotional Items
    Attach a list of recipients who received these items to your P-Card log.
  • Individual Membership Fees
  • Attach a memo from the Dean or Chair approving the membership (see the guidelines for more information).

What is a T-Card?

The State Travel Card, also known as the T-Card, is a credit card that full-time employees use for travel expenses on official business for Arkansas State University. The T-Card program is designed to help better manage official business travel.

What is a Ghost Card?

The State Ghost Card, also known as the Ghost Card, is a department travel card used for individuals or groups traveling on official business for Arkansas State University.