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PCards benefit the departments, the University, and our vendors by allowing easier access to purchases and eliminating the need for a purchase order. The PCard will be issued to designated, full-time employees in each department to enhance University and departmental effectiveness and economy of operations.

Grant Accounts

Office of Programs and Grants no longer allows a grant account to be used as the default account for a PCard.  The department must use their supplies and services account as the default account and then reallocate in the US Bank website to the grant account..

Additional Paperwork Requirements

When processing your monthly PCard transaction log, additional paperwork is required for the following:

  • Conference Registrations
    Write the Travel Authorization (TA) number on the purpose label for the PCard log.
  • Food Purchased from an Outside Source
    A completed food purchase form must be attached to your transaction log. The PCard cannot be used for restaurants or catering services, with the exception of Sodexo.
    • On-Campus Events
      The Food Purchase for On-Campus form MUST be approved by dining services for food can be purchased.
    • Off-Campus Events
      Use the Food Purchase for Off-Campus form for events held off campus.  These purchases must be approved by the Director of Procurement before purchase.
  • Promotional Items
    All purchases for promotional items must be made from a CLC vendor.  If the purchase is not made from a CLC vendor the holder is responsible for reimbursement to the PCard account for the amount of the purchase.  This reimbursement must be done with Foundation or other private funds.
  • Individual Membership Fees
    Attach a memo from the Dean signed by the Vice Chancellor or Director approving the membership.