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Summer Try Out the Classroom Workshop

Each year, the ASU C-STAF faculty offers an 8-day program, afternoons only, held on the ASU campus. The workshop is taught with area teachers, and will introduces students to education, stressing communication and teaching skills. Specific focus is on methods for scientific inquiry, an understanding of the nature of science, and awareness of Arkansas Frameworks in science and mathematics. Students are introduced to teaching of science as inquiry, various teaching strategies, incorporating technology in the science classroom, and classroom management techniques and laboratory safety. At the end of the workshop, students develop lesson plans and activities, with assistance and feedback from ASU and classroom faculty, and present their activities to area junior high school and high school students.

Try Out the Classroom Semester Course

ASU C-STAF faculty offers a 1-credit hour course entitled “Try Out the Classroom” cross-listed BIO, CHEM, MATH, for STEM undergraduates who are considering teaching. Similar to the summer program, this course will introduce students to the classroom and to AR Science/Mathematics Frameworks, and will focus on preparing three activities/lessons to be used in the classroom. Area teachers will allow ASU students enrolled in this course to visit their classrooms to observe and to lead activities.

Projected Syllabus

  • Week 1 – Introductions of students/faculty; what’s expected
  • Week 2 – AR frameworks; 6E lesson plans
  • Week 3 – Work on first activity with ASU faculty and in-service teachers
  • Week 4 – Classroom management; laboratory safety; continue first activity
  • Week 5 – Classroom observation
  • Week 6 – Present first activity to ASU faculty & classroom teachers; critiques
  • Week 7 – Classroom presentation of activity 1; ASU faculty & classroom teachers evaluate
  • Week 8 – Discuss presentations/critiques/how to improve; begin activity 2
  • Week 9 – Communication; continue activity 2
  • Week 10 – Practice activity 2 for fellow students
  • Week 11 – Classroom presentation of activity 2; ASU faculty & classroom teachers evaluate
  • Week 12 – Discuss presentations/critiques
  • Week 13 – Certification options and other teacher training programs; ASU Noyce program

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Noyce Scholarship - Application Deadline

Applications for Noyce Scholarships and the Try Out the Classroom summer workshop 2014 are currently being accepted.

2014 Workshop dates are June 11-June 20 (afternoons only).

Deadline for receipt of all application materials is May 23, 2014!

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