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Stone Tools

The Stone Tools Suitcase provides hands-on artifacts for exploring early Native Americans tools.


Tools: Arrow point, performs, grooved axe, anvil, hammerstone, Celt, chunkey stone, and spear point.
Resources: Native American Dateline: Arkansas (Timeline) with picture cards


Display all of the stone tools for the students. Discuss what they think each item is and what it is used for. Have them explain their ideas.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: OV.1.1.1, IR.1.2)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: OV.3.7.1, IR.12.5.4)

Have the children place the picture cards on the timeline in the correct order. Discuss how the tools changed over time. For younger students, the teacher could place the picture cards on the timeline and then allow the students to place the actual stone tool on its matching card.

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: H.6.K.4, H.6.1.4, H.6.K.5, H.6.15, H.6.3.7, H.6.3.14, R.10.2.18)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: H.6.5.2, H.6.7.2, H.6.8.2, OV.1.8.6)

Display several modern day tools for the students to look at and compare with the stone tools. How are they the same or different?

  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks K-4: H.6.4.12, OV.1.2.9, IR.12.4.1, IR.12.3.7)
  • (AR Curriculum Frameworks 5-8: OV.1.8.6, W.4.7.2, IR.12.5.4)