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Rockabilly Boogiefest

ASU Museum is looking for promotional partners for Rockabilly Boogiefest 2014. For sponsorship information, please contact Dr. Allen at 870-972-2074 or LaDawn Fuhr at 870-761-8588.

List of Rockabilly Boogiefest Sponsors

Many people tirelessly worked in making this event happen!!

A special thanks goes out to

Carl Abraham

Michael Bowman

Fran Cavenaugh

Erika K. Chudy

Michael B. Doyle

LaDawn Fuhr

Larry (Hairy Larry) Heyl

John Mixon

John Pasmore

Vicki Pasmore

Gene Vance

Mark Wilbur

Rockabilly BoogiefestASU Museum presents Rockabilly Boogiefest-- a benefit concert beginning at 6 pm on March 1, 2014 at the Military Science/Old ASU Armory Building (1921 Aggie Rd, Jonesboro).


The purpose of ASU Museum Rockabilly Boogiefest is to preserve, promote and celebrate the rich Rockabilly Heritage of Northeast Arkansas.


All Proceeds from Rockabilly Boogiefest will help fund a permanent Rockabilly exhibition at ASU Museum now in development.

Tentatively entitled "Rockabilly! The Northeast Arkansas Story of a Music Sensation", this exhibition will connect people in our community with a significant but little known part of their history--the role of Northeast Arkansas in the development and dissemination of the 1950s music genre now known as "Rockabilly". The exhibition will show how Rockabilly skyrocketed into a music sensation in little Arkansas towns like Bono, Paragould, Trumann, and Newport, and how this distinctive style persisted in our region long after its heyday elsewhere, thereby providing continuity through to the Rockabilly Revival that still rocks our world today.

Learn More about the Rockabilly Exhibition in Development at ASU Museum...

Experience three regionally acclaimed bands at Rockabilly Boogiefest: