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Author                                                           Book Title  

Achebe, Chinna                                              Things Fall Apart

Adoff, Arnold                                                  I Am The Darker Brother

Adoff, Arnold                                                  Celebrations

Angelou, Maya                                               I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Angle, Paul. M                                                Texas and the War with Mexico

Anzaldua, Gloria                                             Borderlands

Austin, Jan                                                      What No One...About Leading for Results

Barkley, Charles                                              I May Be Wrong

Barkley, Charles                                              Who's Afraid of A Large Black Man

Barkley, Charles                                              Who's Afraid of A Large Black Man

Barrett, William                                              The Lilies of the Field

Berger, Melvin                                                Famous Man of Modern Biology

Block, Peter                                                    Stewardship

Blumenthal, Sidney                                        The Clinton Wars

Boldem, Tonya                                               Tell All the Children About Our Story

Bullard, Sarah                                                 Free at Last

Butler, Octavia E.                                           Kindred

Booth-Butterfield, Steve Ed.D                      Persuasion

Campos, David                                               Sex, Youth, and Sex Education

Campos. David                                               Sex, Youth, and Sex Education

Canfield, Jack                                                 Chicken Soup

Carrison, Dan                                      Leadership the Marine Corps Way

Carson, Clayborne                              A Call to Conscience

Christie, Ron                                       Acting White

Clerk, Jayana                                       Modern Literature .Non Western World

Cohen, Alan H.                                   Why Your Life Sucks

Colby, C.B.                                         Historical American Landmarks

Cotton, Dorothy                                 Why We Can't Wait

D-Souza, Dinesh                                 The End of Racism

Davis, Joseph                                      Successful Promotion Guide

Davis, Mark M.A.                               It's Only A Flat Tire In the Rain

Deng, Benson                                     They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky

DePree, Max                                       Leadership is an Art

Diller, Jerry V.                                    Cultural Diversity

Dooley,Mike                                       Infinite Possibilities

Douglass, Fredrick                              Fredrick Douglass

Drotning, Philip T.                              Black Heros

Engle, Margarita                                 The Firefly Letters

Falco, Howard                                                I Am

Felix, Antonia                                     The True American Dream

Felix, Antonia                                     Condi

Felming, Cynthia Griss                       Yes We Did

Fowler, Virginia C.                             The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni

Fraser, George C.                                Success Runs In Our Race

Fritz, Roger                                         The Power of A Positive Attitude

Guines, Ernest J.                                 A Lesson Before Dying

Gates, Henry Louis Jr.                        America Behind the Coler Line

George, Nelson                                   Post-Soul Nation

Giese, Jo                                              A Woman's Path

Giuliani, Rudolph W.                          Leadership Through the Ages

Glassner, Barry                                   The Culture of Fear

Goldman, Roger                                 Thurgood Marshall

Goldstein, Alan                                   Muhammad Ali

Grant, Alice Morgan                           All About Zora

Green, John                                         Will Grayson

Greenburg, Zach O-Malley                 Empire State of Mind

Greene, Robert                                    The 50th Law

Greene, Robert                                    The 48 Laws of Power

Grennan, Conor                                  Little Princess

Haber, Louis                                       Woman Pioneers of Science

Hall, Kevin                                          Aspire

Herari, Oren                                        The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell

Harding, Vincent                                Martin Luther King Jr.

Harries, Jean                                        They Triumphed Over Their Handicaps

Haskins, Jim                                        One More River to Cross

Hayden, Robert                                  Kaleidoscope

Heaps, Willard A.                               The Wall of Shame

Hendley, Doc                                      Wine to Water

Hernandez, Michelea A.                     A is for Admission

Hodari, Askhari Johnson                    Lifelines

Holland, Jesse J.                                  Black Men Built the Capital

Holland, Lisa                                      Lands and People

Hopkinson, Natalie                             Deconstructing Tyrane

House, Chelsea                                   African American Answer Book

Humes, James C.                                 Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln

Hunter, Karen Al                                On America

Hurston, Zora Neale                           Their Eyes Were Watching God

Jimenez, Francisco                              Reaching Out

Johnson, James Welden                      The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

Johnson, Spencer                                Peak and Valleys

Jones, Graham Pd.D                           Thrive on Pressure

Jones, Beth                                          The Path

Kearney, Janis F.                                 Daisy Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Kelly, Malcolm                                   The New African America Man

Kelly-Gangi, Card                              The Essential Wisdom of the Presidents

Kenan, Randall                                   The Fire This Time

King, Coretta Scott                             The Words of Martin Luter King Jr.

Kly, Dr. Y.N.                                      The Black Book II

Krames, Jeffery A.                              The Welch Way

Kurgel, Mitchell                                  One last Shot

Kunjufu, Jawanza                               Critical Issues In Education African American Youth

Lebell, Sharen                                     The Art of Living

Lewis, Allyson                                    The 7 Minute Solution

Liles, Kevin                                         Make it Happen

Lincoln, C. Erie                                   Race, Religion the Continuing American Delemma

Litwack, Lean F.                                 How Free is Free

Lois, George                                       Ali Rap

Long, Richard A                                 Deep, Grown

Lynch, Matthew                                 Closing the Racial Academic Gap

Marable, Mannins                               Race, Reform, and Rebillion

Maxwell, John C.                                The 5 Levels of Leadership

Maxwell, John C.                                The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

Maxwell, John C.                                The 360 Leader

McKinstry, Carelyn Maull                  While the World Watched

McWhorter, John                                Losing the Race

McWhorter, John                                Winning the Race

Millman, Dan  Body                           Mind Mastery

Montgomery, Elvin Jr.                        Collecting African American History

Murankami, Haruki                             Norwegian Wood

Nelson, Craig                                      Finding True Love in a Man Eat Man World

Newton, Huey P.                                Revolutionary Suicide

Noguera, Pedro P.                               The Trouble with Black Boys

Nunez, Sigrid                                      Sempre Susan

Patterson, James T.                          Shaq Talks Back

O'Neil, William J.                               Business Leaders and Success

Patterson, James T.                            Freedom is Not Enough                

Pearlman, Jeff                                   Boys Will Be Boys

Peters, Anne                                        Luna

Phelan, Mary Kay                               The Story of the Boston Massacre

Potter, Joan                                         African American Firsts

Powers, Wiliams K.                            Indians of the Northern Plains

Price, Robert M.                                  The Reason Driven Life

Pritchett, Price                                    Hard Optimism

Raboteau, Albert J.                             Canaan Land

Rampersad, Arnold                             The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes

Reedman, Sarah                                  Men and Women Behind the Atom

Roberts, Terrence                                Simple, Not easy

Sayre, Kent                                         Unstoppable Confidence

Shange, Ntozake                                 For Colored Girls Who have Considered Suicide/ When the Rainbow is Enuf

Simmons, Russell                                Do you

Simmons III, Richard E.                     The True Measure of a Man

Singer, P.W.                                        Children at War

Skyhorse, Brando                               The Madonna's of Echo Park

Smiley, Tavis                                       Doing What's Right

Smith, Sally Bedell                             For Love of Politics

Steel, Piers Ph. D.                               \The Procrastination Equation

Stengel, Richard                                 Mandelas Way

Stoddard, Hope                                  Famous American Women

Stolitz, Paul G.                                    The Adversity Advantage

Stratton, Madeline Robinson              Negroes Who Helped Build America

Sundquist, Eric J.                                King's Dream

Tatum, Beverly Daniel Ph.D.              Can We Talk About Race?

Thomas, Peter H.                                Be Great

Turner, Allegra W.                              Except By Grace

Vancil, Mark                                       Driven From Within Michael Jordan

Vincent, Theodore G.                        Black Power and the Garvey Movement

Walters, Ronald W.                            White Nationalism Black Interests

Washington, Booker T.                       Up from Slavery

Weissman, Jerry                                  Presenting to Win

Williams, Pat                                       Extreme Focus

Williams, Pat                                       How to be Like Mike

Wilson, Jerry R. CSP                          151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff

Wise, Tim                                            Colorblind

Ziglar, Zig                                           Zig Ziglar's Life Letters




Production                                      CD

Diddy Bop                                      Redcafe

El Mariachi                                     The Ultimate Collection of Authentic Mariachi

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan           El Mejor Mariachi del Mundo

Microsoft                                        Encarta Africana

Mixed Artists                                   I Have a Dream to Music

Mixed Artists                                  Jazz 4

Mixed Artists                                  MLK Music

Selectmedia                                   Quickstart Spanish

Toby Foyeh & Orchestra Africa         Lagos - Ilu Eko



Production                                             DVD 

A&E                                                     Malcom X (Biography)

Brett Tolley                                          Dying to Get In

African American Heritage Institute        America Beyond the Color Line

Multicultural Theater Experience            Platanos & Collard Greens

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's                 Rang De Basanti

Vidhu Vinod Chopra                              Munna Bhai