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Financial Aid


ROTC offers 2,3,and 4 year campus based scholarships. Requirements for scholarships are a minimum of a 19 ACT score and a 2.5 High School CGPA. Scholarships pay:

  • Up to $20,000 tuition or room and/or board
  • Annual Book Allowance of $1200
  • Monthly Stipend for Contracted Students: see above
  • Minor in Military Science

To apply visit: www.rotc.monroe.army.mil/scholarship_HPD2/four year/index.htm
For high school students, application window begins February 1 of your Junior year to January 10 of your senior year.


As an SMP cadet you are a member of both your National Guard or Army Reserve unit and the ASU ROTC Battalion as well. You will be entitled to all of your previous National Guard or Reserve entitlements. These include:

  • Drill Pay in the Grade of E-5
  • ROTC Stipend: see above for rates
  • Montgomery GI Bill: see below
  • Kicker is increased to $350 per month
  • Federal Tuition Assistance of $4,500 per FY
  • Opportunity to Commission in the Active Army
  • Guard Tuition Incentive Program $1000 per semester (National Guard Only)

The requirements for contracting as an SMP cadet are:

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Must pass the Army Physical Fitness test
  • Must pass height and weight standards
  • Must pass physical
  • No Felony Convictions
  • Must have a minimum of 3 semesters remaining until degree
  • completion.

For additional information contact
MAJ David Hastings, Enrollment and Scholarships Officer

Phone: 870.972.2064
Email: dhastings@astate.edu


Cadets who are either on scholarship or who are a simultaneous member will receive a directly deposited stipend each month into their bank account. The amount is determined by the level of MSL course they are enrolled in. This is received in two payments each month. The amounts per month are as follows:

  • MSLI: $300
  • MSLII: $350
  • MSLIII: $450
  • MSIV: $500


Cadets who are also in the National Guard or Army Reserve may receive their Montgomery GI Bill. The MGIB will pay a direct payment once a month according to the amount of hours the student is enrolled. The student will only receive benefits while he is enrolled. There are two MGIB chapters available. Chapter 1606 is for National Guard and Reserve members who have not been deployed. The Chapter 1607 is for Guard or Reserve members who have served on deployment. Here are the full time rates for each.

  • Chapter 1606 Full Time: #317
  • Chapter 1606 Three Quarters Time: $237
  • Chapter 1606 Half Time: $157
  • Chapter 1606 One Third Time: $79.25
  • Chapter 1607 deployed for 90 days: $440
  • Chapter 1607 deployed for 365 days: $660
  • Chapter 1607 deployed for 730 days: $880


Federal Tuition Assistance will pay tuition and fees up to $4,500 per FY. Students must apply each semester for the funding and must not drop or fail the courses enrolled in.


Benefits of an Army officer include:

  • Starting Salary of $39,000 per year
  • 30 days paid vacation per year
  • 100% Medical
  • 100% Dental
  • Unlimited Sick Leave
  • Immediate Leadership Opportunities
  • Opportunities to travel