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Department Liaisons

In an effort to strengthen the relationship between departmental and library faculty, the library has assigned librarians as liaisons to various departments. These librarians can conduct library session classes to teach your students about library resources. Learning how to use the library and taking advantage of its many resources is crucial for our students and will vastly improve the quality of their academic work and learning experience.

Just as an example, here are some of the topics and resources that your liaison might discuss in a typical instruction session for your department:

  • Basic search strategies and techniques (using Boolean operators, truncation, etc)
  • How to use library article databases (list subject specific databases based on department)
  • How to search the library’s catalog for books and other materials
  • The differences between scholarly and popular resources
  • Techniques for evaluating Internet resources

You can bring your entire class to one of our instruction rooms to learn about what the library has to offer, or we can come to you if you would prefer. If you would like to be updated on the library’s resources, we can also schedule a one-on-one session for you or a group session with other faculty members.

Department Liaisons

April Sheppard

Agriculture & Technology
Biological Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Molecular Biosciences

English and Philosophy
Social Work
Teacher Education

Dominique Hallett

Chemistry and Physics
Computer and Information Technology
Computer Science
Mathematics and Statistics
Political Science
Radio – TV

Laura Downing

Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Communication Disorders
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Physical Therapy

Robert Robinette

Accounting and Law
Economics & Finance
Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Special Education
Management & Marketing
Psychology and Counseling

Sherry Eskridge

Communication Studies
Criminology, Sociology, Geography
Health, Physical Education and Sport Sciences