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Manuscript Collections

Arkansas State University Faculty Women's Club, 1946-2007:  

2.5 linear feet

The Faculty Women's Club, founded in 1938, was created to inform local citizens about the needs of Arkansas State University and serve as a forum for spouses of male faculty, and later female faculty members.  The records include yearbooks summarizing club activities, meeting minutes, membership rosters, and scholarship information.

Baker, Noel papers, 1974-1977:  

1.5 linear feet

Noel Baker was an Arkansas rice farmer who was active in lobbying for new federal legislation for famers.  The collection documents activities that led to the amending of federal legislation and includes material related to several government bodies, government-affiliated bodies, and various farmers' organization.  

Barton Family papers, 1886-1977:  

3.0 linear feet

Siblings Lillian and Elizabeth Barton were active community members and teachers in Jonesboro during the mid-20th century. Lillian in particular was instrumental in developing curricula and training teachers in Northeast Arkansas. The collection largely consists of community, and school related material including the awards, degrees, and certificates given to the family.

Burkhammer Family letters, 1942-1955:  

0.3 linear feet

In order to support his family, Joe Burkhammer moved from Greene County, Arkansas to Davis, Michigan. There he obtained work and was able to send money back home to his wife and two children. This collection contains the letters from Joe to his wife Geraldine during the times that he was away working in Michigan.

Cole Family papers, 1837-1963:  0.1 linear feet

The Cole family relocated from South Carolina to Georgia in the early 1830s. After the Civil War, several members of the family moved to northeast Arkansas, which was largely unsettled at the time. This collection includes Confederate Army papers, family histories, tax documents, paperwork regarding the sale and purchase of property, and family photographs.

Craighead County Home Demonstration Club records, 1936-1993:  

3.7 linear feet

The Arkansas Home Demonstration Club (AHDC) was founded in 1912 with the goal of strengthening families through consumer science education. In Craighead County several local chapters were established by women who wanted to participate in the AHDC curriculum. This collection contains the materials distributed by the AHDC to local chapters including club secretary record books and yearbooks containing the annual curriculum.  The collection also contains scrapbooks maintained by various clubs.

Craighead County Post Office records, 1892-1931:  

1.0 linear feet

This collection documents the Post Office system in and around Jonesboro during the early 20th century.  During that period, First Class and 4th Class Post Offices worked together to provide an essential service to the largely rural community. This collection includes Post Office record books which record postage sold, undelivered mail, official correspondence, and wages or commission earned.

Flood-Crain Family papers, 1860-1962:  

0.3 linear feet

The Flood family and their cousins in the Crain family lived in rural Arkansas and Missouri during the early 20th century. The papers contained in this collection include genealogies and personal correspondence revolving around a contested inheritance. Other materials - such as receipts and home remedies - deal with the day to day life of the family.

Osburn Family papers, 1859-1990:  

0.1 linear feet

The Osburn family lived in Northeast Arkansas during the late 19th and early 20th century.  This collection includes Osburn family genealogies, personal histories, pictures, and legal documents, in addition to birth and death certificates.

Platz Family papers, 1902-1968:  

1.0 linear feet

The Platz family farmed in Arkansas during the Great Depression. Their main crop was cotton but they supplemented with corn, wheat, and beans. This collection contains a ledger, receipts, letters, insurance papers, and financial papers that were accumulated over the years of running the family farm and illustrate the difficulties that farmers faced during the mid-20th century.

Rogers, D.T. papers, 1885-1989:  

1.0 linear feet

D.T. Rogers and his family were long time educators in North East Arkansas. Rogers and multiple other family members worked at Arkansas State College for the better part of the 20th century. This collection contains the personal papers of the Rogers family including school material, financial records, and personal correspondence.

Roleson Family papers, 1797-1965:  

0.5 linear feet

The Roleson Family was among the early settlers of the Jonesboro area and rose to prominence in the first half of the 20th century. Several members of the family fought in World War I and went on to practice law in Arkansas. The collection consists of personal correspondence between family members and friends, news clippings, material from both World Wars, and a large collection of handwritten family records notating births, deaths, and marriages.

Watson and Garver Family papers, 1881-1957:  

0.5 linear feet

Hampton Watson was a prominent businessman of Jonesboro during the early 1900’s. Leigh Garver was a traveling auditor for the Emporia telephone company based out of Kansas. This collection contains letters, college papers, legal and financial records from both families.

Whitlow, Robert papers, 1945-1987:  

0.3 linear feet

This collection contains correspondence between former-German POWs and Robert Whitlow, a representative of the Memphis Scimitar Press.  During World War II, the POWs were housed at a camp established at the Jonesboro Civilian Conservation Corps, where they first met Whitlow.