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Ucard Instructions Sample

Dear Student,

I will utilize ProctorU Ucard identification for this course.  You will need to create a ProctorU account by clicking the ProctorU link in the course or by clicking the following link: 


You will need to schedule a time to create your Ucard by selecting ‘Create Ucard’ on your account page. Once you have scheduled a time to create your Ucard, you will connect to a live proctor and the proctor will walk you through the set up. You will only have to create the Ucard once.

I will have Ucard Challenge assignments randomly throughout the course.  All Ucard challenges will be given in Blackboard.  Click the link, complete the challenge, then return to Blackboard.  After completing the challenge, click “Mark Reviewed” and your assignment will appear.

Failure to complete the Ucard Challenge will result in a deduction of your grade.