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What is Tegrity and how does it work?

Tegrity is the leading Web 2.0 class-capture system, impacting learning, student satisfaction, and retention. Requiring no hardware or software installation, Tegrity makes class time available all the time by automatically capturing, storing and indexing your class lecture and/or slide presentations for replay by students. Students can instantly recall key class moments for replay online, or on iPods and other mobile devices.

By simply using a microphone attached to your computer during class lectures, Tegrity will capture all power point slides, video, and/or Elmo presentations and index your voice to each individual slide allowing for key word searching by students for topics displayed on your slides.

Students can focus study key points or they can choose to watch an entire lecture. The recorded material can also be slowed down by 25% for closer understanding or it can be sped up by 25% for quick review. Tegrity also automatically creates a podcast with RSS feeds for student subscription to their iPods and mobile devices.

Integrated as a Blackboard 8 building block, Tegrity seamlessly allows course lectures to be managed and contained securely for only the intended audience of your choice.

Features for instructors are as follows:

  • Ability to easily add related Course Materials: The instructor can add supplementary, course-related material in a designated, easily accessible area.
  • Editing Features: Exciting new features include the ability to splice video and import "external" video clips into a class recording in addition to the ability to add searchable key words at class and chapter levels, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of student searches of course material.
  • Frequently class sections Report- Instructors can identify which chapters from a specific class are most accessed, helping them identify "problem areas" for further elaboration.
  • Unwatched Class Recordings Identification - Enables instructors to monitor student viewing and determine which sessions and classes have not been viewed by students.
  • Sandbox Courses- Provides a facility for faculty to learn by practicing recording in a private setting

Features for students are as follows:

    • Student Recording: Students can record with Tegrity, provided the professor allows it in a specific course, and watch their recordings upload automatically. This makes it easy to assign oral presentation assignments to students - provided they have a microphone and/or a webcam.
    • Instant Chapter Access: Using the latest AJAX technologies, students can directly access the indexed (chapters) by simply hovering over different areas of the slider.

For Student Support:

Enhanced Vodcast Support: Tegrity can automatically create enhanced Vodcast for every recorded class. The Vodcast includes a full motion movie of all the information presented in class (slides, web sites, computer applications, etc.) and the same Tegrity enhanced navigation features that enable students to search the automatically generated chapters while viewing or listening.

Tegrity Tutorials

Online Users Manual

The manual is a great resource for answering questions about the Tegrity software such as creating, editing, and publishing your Tegrity Recordings. Source: Tegrity.com

Downloading Tegrity Videos (handout)

This tutorial was written with the student in mind and explains how to download and watch Tegrity recordings after they have been published. Feel free to give this handout to your students when assigning Tegrity videos.